Visa and Fly!

Prepare for Visa

After getting admission with/without funding/scholarship the last step of this endeavor is visa processing. Actually this is like a routine work for students with funding/scholarship. But for self/partial funded students, it’s like a big challenge. As preparation for the visa follow the instructions of the embassy of your destination country. Collect all the necessary documents and pay required fees to make a visa interview appointment. On the interview day check for every documents you need to show, dress gently, be present before your scheduled time, be confident to answer all the questions you will be asked. For self/partial funded students, take authentic financial documents to show solvency required to cover the educational expenses, try to show father/mother or first blood relative as a sponsor. The income of the sponsor must match his occupation.



Actually this is the first step of your higher study endeavor. It’s required before you take any standardized test because your name in the passport must match the name provided for the registration of any standardized test. Also without the passport you will not be able to apply any university in abroad. So, when you are decided to study abroad make your passport first. It takes reasonable time to prepare your passport by the government agency, so keep it mind while you are applying.