Think, before start!

Why abroad?

Actually, this question may not arise from the third and fourth world countries because the answer is common- for better study and employment opportunity. But even students from the first world countries has a profound fascination and eagerness for studying in abroad university although they have the world’s best universities. This is something built-in everybody’s mind to have interest for other countries even if it’s an opportunity to visit another country only for a few days.

Despite the natural inclination to go or visit abroad, most of the students consider this as a prestigious battle in academic arena to show their expertise and achieve the award of winning among thousands of competitors. Yes, there are thousands of students fighting every year for universities having good scholarship opportunities and academic achievements.

Studying abroad in an accredited university will opportune someone to be recognized among worldwide nations and provide an opportunity to be involved in a prestigious job in any institution from any corner of the world.

Besides job benefit, in order to do research in any field to contribute to the human endeavor for developing society and saving the creatures from destruction, it’s necessary to study somewhere plenty of resources are available. So look for universities where you will be facilitated with such opportunities. It could be in your country or abroad, but meeting multi cultures and different societies will enable you to build a versatile knowledge.

In the past, people who had strength conquered others land with the power of the sword. But nowadays, people are ruling the world with the power of knowledge and wisdom. It’s the technology which differentiates between nations in terms of power and development. It’s the intellect who decide the future of now. Want to be of them, join them now where they are studying.


How can you start?

The starting is easy but it’s the most crucial part of the whole process and even in your whole life. As when you decide to study abroad you’ve to change your course of life. No! No! It’s not that hard you are thinking of. It’s just a reorganization of your duties and responsibilities.

It’s better to decide as early as possible. Because it’s not just the decision, the preparation is much required for the better choice. You’ll need much of your time for the preparation phase, but if you decide earlier the preparation time will be distributed through the time span you have. Say, you decided at the beginning of high school/college life, you have your whole undergrad life to prepare for GRE/TOEFL beside your course work. But if you decide after graduation, you have to spend extra time just for the preparation.

So it’s better to take your decision at the beginning of your undergrad study. It’s also important to decide where you want your destination would be because the different part of the world requires different types of preparation. But wherever your goal is, it’s better to reinforce your academic as much as possible. Otherwise, you have to suffer a lot which could be easily avoided by timely decision.


Choose the perfect destination

Different countries have the different culture, weather, language and different opportunities. You have to decide first which attracts you and matches your interests. First find your own interest, then search for countries which could fulfill your interest most. If you are planning to higher study your choice parameters could be university accreditation, availability of scholarships, and job opportunity after graduation, immigration facility etc. Selection of your destination is very important if you are planning for the rest of your life. But if you are planning for an intermittent stage than just keep the focus on the next stage parameters.

Whatever your choice of final destination is, try to get a degree from one of the world’s best universities. This will enable you to choose from a bunch of options of different countries.


Search your field

After selecting a country or countries, you have to look for the program you are intended to pursue your next level of study. You can switch your program anytime from your previous field of study. You just have to prove that you are smart enough and you have the required background for the future study you want to continue. You can decide your field depending on your interest, availability of scholarship, job opportunity etc. whatever your planned program or university, don’t forget to check the accreditation. This something without which your degree could be ruined. Always look for the world’s top-ranked university and demanding program.


Shortlist the Universities

After choosing destination country and program of interest, make a short list of universities you want to apply. Emailing professors is a very important factor for choosing universities especially in North American universities where funding/scholarships are at the hand of professors. Professors email response will help you to shortlist your universities. For European universities, there are different scholarship schemes like Erasmus Mundus, SI etc. Also, there are lots of scholarship opportunities in different countries. Just choose where you want to go.