Complete your application

Start your application

After taking the standardized tests you are ready to apply for any university. Before applying, keep it in mind that although you are eligible for what you are applying, you could be declined without any reason. And if you did not do your homework like emailing, profile matching, contacting with others, understanding the requirements etc. before applying chances are more that you’ll be rejected. The application fees are not a small amount especially for students from under developed country. Also it negatively affects the applicants confidence when get rejected. Completing the application generally requires a significant amount of time. So start it as early as possible and never touch the deadline. Applying earlier increases the chance of winning because nobody wants to wait for the last moment, as no one knows what will be left at the end.


Statement of Purpose/Motivation letter

Statement of purpose (SOP) which is also called personal essay or motivation letter is most important part of the application. It reflects the applicants’ academic eligibility, research capability at the same time writing quality also. This is something which enables the admission committee to decide confidently about admission and scholarship. So, try to make your SOP convincing and lucrative. The quality of your SOP actually relies on how much time you spent over it. First try to understand the structure and formation of the SOP, read as many fruitful SOP as possible (you can find a number of effective SOP samples over the web), outline your SOP, check with two or more reviewer before submitting. This is something which will represent yourself to the admission jury.


Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Normally each university admission or scholarship application requires two to three letters of recommendation. So, if you apply to a number of university, keep in mind that you have to collect three times the number of application. It’s not mandatory to be the LOR from a professor always. It could be from a lecturer or lab instructor and even senior students with whom you had close connection because of any academic issue. The LOR should be from someone who knows your academic skills and other qualifications better and there’s a logical relationship between you and the recommender that’s why he knows about you. It’s better to use the recommenders official email account, not the generic (Gmail or yahoo) email id. The generic email id doesn’t confirm the recommenders’ identity and the recommendation sent from this type of identity could be overlooked.


Never touch the deadline!

Most of the students wait for the deadline to submit their application. This is a very wrong choice of time to submit your application. In everywhere, there’s some definite privilege for the first comers and the significance of first hour is beyond description. Also, in most of the cases the positions are filled in a ‘first came, first served’ basis. So in order to be first served, try to submit your application ae early as possible. Nobody waits for the last man to fill their positions!