Ready for New Life

Find Accommodations

Before flight, try to communicate with students from your country to manage accommodation. Or contact your university international office, they provide help with accommodation and transport. There are several social media groups of students from different country even they are university specific. This groups provide any kind of support to new coming students. Also you can search online for different student or resident community for housing. They have the options to apply online and you can confirm your accommodation through website. There’s on-campus housing facility in almost every university in abroad, but they are expensive and more conditional in most of the cases.


Shop and Fly!

Before flying, make an extensive shopping list depending on the price of them in your destination country. Make sure to contact students from your country there before making this list. Try to shop everything at least for the next one year which are expensive than your country. For air flight, book your ticket as early as possible, preferably after getting visa. Without any exception, the air ticket price goes up with the passage of time. Also the availability according to your demand will be constricted as you approach to the date of journey.


Get in touch with CAREER ASSIST!

Career Assist here to provide any kind of support from planning to accommodation through virtual and live assistance without any cost. Feel free to follow our website, make the best use of our website and contact us in case of any support. Try to be connected with ‘Career Assist’ to build a global network and platform for people like you. Help your successors in such a way you are helped by this platform. Build a world of mutual support, trust and believe. Career Assist is proud to be a part of your success.