Mission and Values

A highly motivated higher study seeking student’s hope and sense of agency is often dependent on his/her sense that there is something that he/she or this community can do which is valued by others. Career Assist’s unique innovative website based program offers students the exact structure and gateway to study Abroad to find the success in new experiences and provide valuable opportunities, reflecting increased personal value, motivation and self-esteem. Nurturing the individual is an important target of this plan. The disciplined gateway provides some freedom and offers students the guidance to learn how to make positive choices in their lives.


Vision: Career Assist, a virtual assistant system carries a proactive and progressive holistic educational virtual environment, that broaden academic perspectives, isolates and addresses the changing developmental and personal needs of challenged youths, empowering transformational change toward self-awareness and promote global community development while laying the company for participants to become engaged world citizens.


Holistic educational virtual environment is concerned with the progression of every person’s academic, passionate, communal, physical, creative and spiritual potentials. Career Assist is aimed to become an alternative for personnels, unique as a leader in the implementation of holistic education using state-of-the-art technologies and emerging global culture.


Mission: Make available an alternative holistic virtual educational environment for highly motivated higher study seeking youth’s, providing a collaborative approach with virtual/living assistants and global community based transformative processes, resulting productive youth’s, develops a critical interpersonal skills toward self-development who contribute to society by achieving the self-target.


Career Assist believes that our first responsibility is to prepare the students to meet the higher study based global challenges of the rapidly changing world around them. A state-of-the-art holistic strategy in a peer-based virtual atmosphere facilitates students to distinguish and understand the numerous contexts that shape and give importance to life. Familiarizing students to an all-inclusive view of the life on Earth, the emerging world community, and the students’ interdependence determines best practices of virtual systems thinking. The virtual/living environment and staff will encourage and nurture the development of emotional and multiple brainpowers enabling each student’s personal growth. Emerging technological advancement and their combination into our website based virtual world provide the students with real-time real-world understandings that prepare them for entering post-secondary life.