Korea Scholarships

Scholarship Information

In Korea, There are a lot of scholarship provided by Korean government or various organizations, companies and universities. Here, you can find some of them.

There are 2 semesters in Korea.

Spring Semester ( March 1 to June 20)
Document submission : Within September/October
Admission confirmed: November/December
Admission letter and Visa Issuance Letter will reach to you: December/January

Fall semester ( September 1 to December 20)
Document submission: Within March/April
Admission confirmed: April/May
Admission letter and Visa Issuance Letter will reach: June/July

So, you should prepare yourself before document submission date.

There are some common requirements in Korea:
1. Application Form (University provided/ online application)
2. Self Introduction
3. Study Plan/ Research Plan
4. Letter of Recommendation (one or two)
5. Official original Certificate of previously attended undergraduate/graduate institution(s)
6. Official transcript of previously attended undergraduate/graduate institution(s)
7. Certificate of TOPIK score (original copy-if available)
8. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score (original copy)
9. Published papers, if available (one or two)
10. Awards, if available (one or two)
11. Copy of passport
12. Certificate of Citizenship of His/ Her Parents : birth certificate, passport
13. Resume/ CV
14. Photo (2/3 copies)

KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program)

The National Institute for International Education (NIIED) under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of the Republic of Korea will invite nationals of Bangladesh every year.

Graduate (Masters/PhD):

–>Application deadline is expected to fall in late September or early October. (Once in a year)

You should check website of NIIED frequently in September and October. The Application Guideline, including qualifications, required documents/forms for submission and all other necessary information, is available at the websites http://www.niied.go.kr or http://www.gks.go.kr, and also can be obtained from the Korean Embassy on request.

Eligible University:
Ajou Univ. , Catholic University of Korea, Cheongju Univ. , Chonbuk Nat’l Univ., Chonnam Nat’l Univ., Chosun Univ. , Chung-Ang Univ. , Chungnam Nat’l Univ., Daegu Univ. , Daejeon University, Donga Univ. , Dongguk University, Dongseo Univ. , Ewha woman’s Univ., Gangneung Wonju National University, Gyeungsang Nat’l Univ., Hallym University, Handong Global University, Hankuk university of Foreign studies, Hannam University, Hanyang Univ. , Hongik Univ. , Inha Univ. , Jeonju University, Kangwon nat’l Univ., Keimyung Univ. , Kongju national Univ., Konkuk Univ. , Konyang University, Kookmin Univ. , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), Korea Aerospace University, Korea Development Institute (KDI), Korea Polytechnic University, Korea Univ. , Korea university of Technology and Education, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Kyunghee Univ. , Kyungpook Nat’l Univ., Kyungsung University, Mokpo Nat’l Univ., Myongji Univ. Pai Chai Univ., Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pukyong Nat’l Univ., Pusan National University, Seoul Nat’l Univ., Seoul National University of Technology, Silla Univ. , Sogang Univ. , Sookmyung womens Univ., Sungkyunkwan Univ. , Sunmoon Univ. , The Academy of Korean Studies, Univ. of Ulsan , University of science and technology, Wonkwang Univ. , Woosong University, Woosuk Univ. , Yeungnam Univ. , Yonsei Univ.

You should contact with university admission office earlier.



The POSCO Asia Fellowship is a scholarship program designed to invite promising Asian graduate students to the Masters Program at Korean universities.

The fellowship, offered by the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, covers full tuitions for up to 4 semesters and monthly living stipends for two years in Korea.

Following universities offer POSCO scholarship.

Seoul National University- http://www.useoul.edu/admission/adm0301_1.jsp
Yonsei University- http://www.yonsei.ac.kr/eng/
Korea University- http://www.korea.edu/
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies- http://builder.hufs.ac.kr/user/hufsenglish/index.html
Ewha Womens University- http://enter.ewha.ac.kr/
KDI School- https://www.kdischool.ac.kr/new/eng/index.jsp
GIST- http://ewww.gist.ac.kr/
POSTECH- http://www.postech.ac.kr/
You can get more information on posco website: http://www.postf.org/eng/index.jsp 




*Only undergraduate
Hi for those who are interested in studying undergraduate in Korea this might be your chance. Just saw this posted on one of my groups’ wall so might share it to my readers too ^^ There is an application form but sad enough I couldn’t see any downloadable link for it so please just e-mail the school directly. Here’s the information
AGSP is a full scholarship program covering tuition fee, on-campus housing and meals for the duration of their maximum five year stay (1year in a Korean Immersion Program as well as 4 years of undergraduate study at Semyung University.) By nurturing these foreign students as civilian ambassadors, Semyung University is expecting them to be capable of delivering proficiency in their studies, Korean culture as well as their own cultures to Korea.

Application Requirements

For the ACE Global Scholarship Program (AGSP)

  1. Number of Grantees: 2 students
    2. Duration and Financial Aid
    – Duration: AGSP begins in March 2012 with the Korean language program and continues until the end of the undergraduate program in February 2017
    – Financial Aid:
    * The entire tuition fee for the 6 month Korean language program as well as the following 1~4 years of undergraduate work will be fully covered by financial aid.
    * Room & Food Waiver
    Room (dormitory room/ double occupancy) & Food (three meals per day/mostly Korean Cuisine) are free for the duration of AGSP. (Plane tickets and Personal Expenses will be the responsibility of the scholarship holders)
  2. Eligible Candidates for Admission
    – High school graduates or graduates-to-be with superior grades (GPA 3.5/4.5)
    – Students interested in Korean Culture and are able to finish degree program successfully
    – Students fluent in foreign languages
    (Fluency in English is essential, and other foreign languages are desirable)
  3. Documents required for Application (Only in English)
    – The application form
    – Resume
    – Study plan
    – Diploma from previously attended Educational Institution
    – Transcripts from previously attended Educational Institution
    – (Optional) Copies of Awards from authorized organizations
    – (Optional) Standardized English test scores (i.e. IBT TOEFL 100, IELTS 6.0 or TOEIC 850)
    [SMU gives preference to applicants with excellent proficiency of either English or Korean.]
    – Two reference letters
    – A copy of your passport
    * You must additionally submit all official original documents in English.
  4. Application Deadline: every November.
    *Applicants must send copies of the required documents via e-mail to Ms. Yujin Shim at: (syj81@semyung.ac.kr). Applicants must also mail the original hard copies of all required documents by postal mail.
    *Following your application, all documents will be reviewed and successful candidates will be invited for an interview. (Telephone and We-cam Interviews will also be acceptable.)
    *Shortly after the interview process, successful candidates will be invited to join the Semyung University family.
  5. Announcement of successful candidates
    * December 30 (by e-mail)
    * ‘Certificate of Admission’ will be sent to their home addresses.
  6. Recommended arrival date: February 20 (Classes Begin: March)
    8. Further details regarding this program will be announced upon the completion of candidate selection. (The successful candidate list will be announced on December 30)
    9. Postal Address: Application materials should be mailed to the following postal address:

Semyung University
Office of International Affairs
117, Semyung-Ro, Jecheon City
Chung-Buk, Republic of Korea,


KOICA Scholarship- Korea University GSIS

Here’s another scholarship you might be interested ^^ It’s offered by KOICA and one of Korea’s best universities, Korea University.

Program Title: Master’s Degree Program in International Development
Duration: 13 months
Training Institute: Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University
Number of Participants: 20 persons
Language: English
Accommodations: International Cooperation Center (ICC) and at the Dormitory of
Korea University (CJ I House)
Scholarship: KOICA and Korea University Graduate School of International Studies together provide full tuition coverage for the program participants. KOICA provides financial support to meet costs of extramural training and to cover allowances and other related expenses.

Please check these links too for more information:




Kyung Hee University GIPS Scholarship

Admission Guide for International Applicants at The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University

– Peace and Global Governance
– Asia Pacific Studies
– New Politics and Future Governance

1) A person whose nationality isn’t Korean and is a graduate or a graduate-to-be for a bachelor or master degree.
2) Dormitory life during the academic semester is mandatory for all students.
** Our school only offers Master’s Degree Programs **
** There has been some Major change in requirements please refer to the following: Due to change of law, beginning from the 2012 Spring semester all international students who are accepted as a newcomer must have health insurance to cover their stay in Korea, the school will not cover this expense, If student wish to use the local health insurance in Korea the price is approximately $170 USD per year **

Scholarship and benefits
1) Official academic language: English
(All official academic events, classes, examination are conducted in English)
2) Full Scholarship for tuition and accommodation fee
3) Free text books
4) Other scholarship opportunities
5) Separate Campus etc

Application deadline
1) September 1st ~ October 31st for the Spring (March) Semester
2) Applications with postal mark until the deadline will be accepted but still must physically arrive within one week after the deadline if not it will be not accepted.

 Date of notification for admission
– Before mid January for Spring semester

Required documents for application
– Please, refer to the attached file (Admission Guideline for International Applicants-201109.pdf)

Admission fee
– None
Contact information regarding admission
– E-mail : gip@khu.ac.kr
– Postal Address: The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University 258-5 Bupyeong-ri, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, 472-864 Korea
– Tel: +82-31-570-7013
Please check: http://gip.khu.ac.kr/contents/bbs/bbs_content.html?bbs_cls_cd=002008001&cid=11091611145529


Jungseok International scholarship at Inha University

The graduate school provides various kinds of scholarships to graduate students. Qualified students are allowed to receive Jungseok International scholarship covering either full or half of the tuition. In addition to this, international students can also receive additional support through various kinds of assistantships.
For detailed information, visit the graduate school homepage.
* http://grad.inha.ac.kr

Application Period

1) Admission for Spring semester : From mid-March to the first week of April
2) Admission for Fall semester : From mid-September to the first week of October

Admission Guidelines: All applicants must complete both on-line application and documents submission on time. You can check the list of application documents by visiting this webpage.
1) Korean : http://grad.inha.ac.kr/entrance/foreigner.asp 
2) English : http://grad.inha.ac.kr/english/

For detailed information, visit: http://grad.inha.ac.kr/english/admission/Scholarships.asp 


Art Major Asian Full Scholarship

If you have plans of studying here in Korea and your major or interest is arts, maybe you should try this scholarship. I’ve been to K’Arts to watch my friend’s shows and also meet friends who are studying at that school. It’s a good school!! Art Major Asian Full Scholarship!!
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, & Sports, Republic of Korea Selection provision 

Deadline: July each year

Application Form attached.
– All the necessary and required documents, personally delivered by the university, must arrive at K’Arts by the deadlines.
Korea National University of Arts
Office of External Affairs
Seokgwan-dong Campus, 146-37 Hwarang-ro 32-gil, Seongbuk-Gu,
Seokgwan-Dong, Seoul, South Korea
– For inquiry please contact: global@karts.ac.kr. Tel: 822 746 9073, Fax: 822 746 9079

Types of Degree Program : Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees Period and Amount of Scholarships
– For bachelor’s: Up to four (five for architecture major) years with an award of 18 million won each year per student
– For master’s: Up to two (three for 3 year program) years with an award of 18 million won each year per student
– AMA Scholarship offers university tuition waive, Korean language program provision, living expenses, provision of housing and flight expenses, etc.
– For the continuation of the stipend support, the selected students should maintain the academic record of B or above for each and every semesters throughout the scholarship period

Condition of AMA Scholarship
– Provision of Living Expenses: 700,000won is granted every month.
– Tuition Waive: 3,000,000won per semester is waived.
– 5 Month Korean Language Tuition Waive: 3,000,000won is provided.
– Provision of Dormitory: 390,000won per semester.
*Please note that Dormitory fee is included in the provision of living expenses.
– Travel Expenses: One round trip flight tickets.
– Cultural field trips, extra curriculum programs are all provided for the AMA students.

Qualifications for the Scholarship 
– Applicants recommend by the rector (president) of the university graduated or attending or head of government-approved organizations, companies and art related institutions, etc.
– Applicants with outstanding artistic talents, gifted skills and an excellent academic record.
– Applicants recommended by the government, or ministries, or embassies of Korea or University president or head of art and culture related organization.
** Those who speak Korean language is highly preferred.

Eligible Applicant Country : 21 countries Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kyrgizstan, Tibet, Turkey.

For the Application Form please check the link below: http://eng.karts.ac.kr:81/karts/main/indexEnglish.jsp


HANSAE Scholarship for foreign students

A Korean major sewing company, Hansae Co., Ltd., is offering a scholarship opportunity for graduate international students from Asia.
The scholarship specifications are as follows:

Scholarship Eligibility
1. Graduate international students with nationalities from Asia
2. Fluency in Korean
3. No limitations on major fields of study
4. Students with intentions of accepting job offers from Hansae after graduation.

Application Period: September

Application Procedure
ㆍ 1st Step: Review of Submitted Documents
ㆍ 2nd Step: Interview
ㆍ Interview schedules will be announced individually after the review of documents.

Grants: 2,000,000 KRW per student / per semester
Grant Period: Maximum of 2 years per student (grant will be given from Feb 2012, i.e students graduating in Feb 2012 cannot apply) ? Required Application Materials (all should be in Korean!):
ㆍ Resume (including an identification photograph)
ㆍ Cover Letter
ㆍ Certificate of Studentship
ㆍ Transcript
E-Mail Application documents to: recruit@hansae.com

For more information:
ㆍPhone 02-3779-0779
ㆍWebsite: www.hansae.com


KDI Scholarships

  1. Global Ambassador Fellowship
    Benefits:Full tuition and monthly stipend for most recipients
    Eligibility:All overseas candidates are welcome to apply
    Offering period: Spring and Fall Admissions
    ※Any international students who apply for the fulltime Master’s program will automatically be considered for scholarship. There are no separate forms for applying to the Global Ambassador Fellowship.
    2. Seoul G20 Global Leader’s Fellowship
    Benefits: Full tuition, monthly stipend*, and round-trip airfare
    Eligibility: Division head-level or minimum 6 years of working experience in the public sector
    Offering period: Spring and Fall Admissions
    Contents: Specialized core courses and seminars in development issues
    ※ Seoul G20 Global Leader’s Fellowship offers a higher monthly stipend.
    3. KOICA Scholarship
    Benefits: Full tuition, monthly stipend, and round-trip airfare
    Eligibility: Government officials recommended by KOICA
    Offering period: Spring Admissions only
    ※ The KDI School nominates KOICA Scholars from among the applicants recommended by KOICA.
    ※ Students should directly apply to the KOICA office or to Embassy of the Republic of Korea in your country (http://www.koica.go.kr/english/main.html )
    ※ Those who are officially nominated by both your government (related ministry) & the Korean Embassy (KOICA Overseas Offices) are eligible to apply for the KOICA Scholarship Program.
    4. POSCO Asia Fellowship
    ? Benefits: Full tuition, monthly stipend, and round-trip airfare
    ? Eligibility: Government officials from Asia
    ? Offering period: Spring Admissions only
    ※ POSCO Asia Fellowship is sponsored by the POSCO TJ Park Foundation. POSCO is the world’s leading steel manufacturer.
    ※ The KDI School nominates POSCO Scholars from among the best applicants.


AKS Fellowship

  1. Fellowship Description:
    The AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies is designed to provide international scholars and doctoral candidates an opportunity to carry out their research (dissertation research) in The Academy of Korean Studies.
    Individuals in the humanities and social sciences who are currently engaged in Korea-related teaching and research activities are eligible to apply (The fellowship is not open to Korean nationals, except those with permanent resident status in foreign countries): 1. Senior Researcher Fellowship: Associate professor level or above at a university or Ph.D. holder with more than 7 years of research experience.
    2. Junior Researcher Fellowship: Assistant professor level or below at a university or Ph.D. holders with less than 7 years of research experience.
    3. Pre-doc Fellowship: Doctoral candidates who have completed all academic requirements(i.e., ABD) except for their dissertation. While at the Academy, fellows can be provided the opportunity to give lectures to graduate students, to conduct joint research with faculty members and to participate in academic activities in the AKS. Applicants are encouraged to submit detailed research plans; those candidates with research programs that will result in a publication (e.g., a book or dissertation) are preferred.
    Grant Period:
    The period of fellowship may begin any time between January 1 and December 31, and fellows are eligible for a maximum of one year support after arrival.
    Selection Procedure:
    All applications are reviewed by International Exchange Committee. The criteria used in reviewing applications are as follows:
    Selection Criteria:
    1. Senior or Junior Research Fellowship (1) The merit of the research plan and the feasibility of carrying out the proposed research at the Academy (2) Track records (3) Possibility of joint researches with scholars in AKS
    2. Pre-doc Fellowship (1) Excellence and feasibility of research topic (2) Possibility of contribution to development of Korean Studies.
    Required Materials:
    1. Senior or Junior Research Fellowship (1) Application Form (2) Curriculum Vitae (3) Certificate of Employment (If applicable)
    2. Pre-doc Fellowship (1) Application Form (2) Graduate and Doctoral Program Transcript (3) PhD Certificate of completion (a document that proves ABD status) (4) 2 Recommendations (one from PhD dissertation director)
    Fellowship Application Deadline: Every year April and October.
    You will find details in this link: http://intl.aks.ac.kr/english/portal.php


MAINS Scholarship

Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies (MAINS):
The program of Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies started in 2007. Its multidisciplinary curriculum and combination of academic and practical teaching is unique in the field of studies on social changes, non-governmental organizations and civil society. MAINS is offered by SungKongHoe University in collaboration with such institutions as the ARENA. The curriculum covers a wide range of current issues from both regional and global perspectives, placing a special focus on the development of solidarity among civil society participants.
MAINS is intended for those who have been contributing, or have the potential to contribute, to more equitable social changes in Asia. Benefiting from both academic and practical resources in SungKongHoe University, MAINS offers intense and flexible preparation for those seeking leadership and development skills in civil societies in Asia.
For Details: