Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Shinkansen bullet trains connect the main islands of Kyushu (with Okinawa’s subtropical beaches), Honshu (home to Tokyo and Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb memorial) and Hokkaido (famous for skiing). Tokyo, the capital, is known for skyscrapers, shopping and pops culture. International students can enjoy with rich culture, deep-rooted history and unique nature in addition to high quality education in Japan. Japan can be one of the best choices for education with its moderate costs of living and its hospitable people as well as the natural and historical treasure.

Official Name:

The official Japanese-language name is Nippon koku or Nihon koku (日本国), literally “State of Japan”. From the Meiji Restoration until the end of World War II, the full title of Japan was the “Empire of Greater Japan” (大日本帝國 Dai Nippon Teikoku).

Capital City: Tokyo.

Big cities: Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kobe, Kawasaki.

Area: 377,972.28 km2, 145,935.91 sq. mi. (62nd)

Language: Japanese.

Neighboring Countries: Japan’s closest neighbors are Russia, North Korea, South Korea, China and Taiwan.

Population:  127.3 million (2013) World Bank

Population Growth Rate: -0.2%

Fertility rate: 1.41 births per woman ‎(2012)

Life expectancy:  83.10 years ‎(2012)

Currency:  Japanese yen

GDP per capita: 38,633.71 USD (2013)

Government: Unitary state, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system.

Prime minister:  Shinzō Abe

Emperor:  Akihito

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +9h.


Office Hours:  In Japan, working days are from Monday to Friday. Most of the banks, government offices

And the majority of private companies are open between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00.

Food-Beverage: Most of the Japanese foods are healthy and delicious. Sashimi and sushi, Domburimono, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Shabushabu, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, and Yakiniku are very famous foods in Japan.

National Holidays: Within year, total 17 days are national holidays of Japan.

Water: Tap water is very safe for drinking.

Electricity: 100V. Standard type of double plug is used.

Health Services:  Japan is famous for high quality treatment. There are many government and private hospitals, clinics and maximum Universities have individual hospital under medicine faculty of that University.

Visa: The foreigners who want to visit for study, job, and business in Japan can easily get the Japanese visa from Japanese embassy with free of cost.

Communication Services: Japan has very high speed internet services (4G). Internet access is available across the country.

International phone code:  +81


Why visit to Japan?

Diverse four seasons in a wonderful natural environment,                        

The Land of Japan is richly endowed with nature and has beautiful mountains, trees, rivers, lakes and seas; which show distinctive beauty in each season. In spring, trees begin to bud and cherry blossoms bloom. In summer it is hot and people enjoy water sports. In autumn, trees turn red and yellow, painting the mountains in autumn color. In winter snow falls so that sports such as skiing can be enjoyed. Onsen, or hot-springs, one of the blessings of nature, can be enjoyed throughout the year. Taking a bath at an onsen will be the most comforting experience for you. Japan’s unique natural beauty will give visitors an unforgettable experience.

Coexistence of cutting edge technology and rich tradition,        

Known as one of the most developed countries in the world for its industries and cutting edge technology, Japan is at the same time a treasury of traditional cultures, architecture, arts and performing arts, with 11 World Heritage sites. Fashion, entertainment and animation are newer cultural fields in which Japan takes an active role. There is so much to see in Japan! Students will be fascinated to encounter a foreign culture here in Japan.


Developed transport networks,

Japan’s transport network is very extensive and enables speedy and comfortable traveling; regions are conveniently connected to each other by air, rail and highways. Riding on the internationally renowned Shinkansen or bullet train will be an exciting experience for the students!

Excellent choice of accommodation and foods,

Japan offers a wide variety of accommodation from guesthouses to luxurious hotels so that you can choose where to stay according to your needs and budgets. Staying at a Japanese- style inn will be a unique experience.

Food is one of the great pleasures of traveling in Japan, as it proudly offers diversified cuisine from all over the world. For lovers of Japanese style dishes, Sukiyaki, Tempura and Sushi are waiting for you. For budget conscious travelers, Japan also has competitively priced and yet delicious dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake, and Gyudon, a bowl of rice with meat.

High security and comfortless,

Japan is a very safe country for students to visit as it has an exceptionally low crime rate, advanced medical care and advanced international telecommunication. Students are able to walk around by themselves in safety.

English speaking, friendly people,

In Japan, English language education has been included in the curriculum of the last three years of compulsory education. Accordingly, all Japanese people study English for at least 3 years, and the majority study for six years or more. When you are seeking for information in the town, you will find no difficulty finding someone to help you in English.

Some people may not be fluent, or may be shy at first, but you will soon notice that people’s friendliness and willingness to communicate fully compensate for the lack of fluency in English.

Budget travel,

Although Japan is often perceived as an expensive travel destination, actually there are a wide variety of budget accommodation options, transportation passes and sightseeing discounts, which help to make Japan an affordable destination for even the most budget conscious traveler.


About Japan…

“The Land of the Rising Sun” is a wonderful mix of the old and the new – the modern cities like Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka are huge metropolises, filled to the brim and noisy with busy, successful people; whilst the rural areas of Japan are as quiet and as peaceful as the cities are loud and happening. It’s a beautiful, very Asian, yin-and-yang dynamic, and it suits Japan down to a T.

But before we talk more about the cities and the countryside; let’s talk about something close to everyone’s heart – the food. Japanese food is delicate, very carefully prepared and unlike any other cuisine on Earth. It’s based more or less exclusively around the staple dish of the culture – rice – but is so much more exciting than that. The Japanese way of cooking and eating is tied into the country’s culture deeper than most, and a chef in Japan is regarded very highly as a result.

Japanese food generally consists of various side dishes that compliment and go with the rice, and includes such favorites and sushi, sashimi, and miso soup. These dishes have become popular all round the world, but some foods the Japanese have kept for themselves. You’ll just have to find out what those are if you’re lucky enough to study there.

Japan’s cities are as exciting and enthralling as the food – Tokyo is simply vast, and utterly packed with people. The result is a thriving, bustling city with great (and immensely competitive) nightlife, restaurants and any and every other establishment you could possibly think of. Tokyo is an astonishing place to visit and one of the best and most current places to live in in the world – Japan’s thriving economy has resulted in an enormous job market, that’s just waiting to be filled at the higher levels by bright young graduates. There’s a lot open here for someone with a degree, particularly if it’s from a Japanese university.

The beauty of Japan’s countryside matches the urban beauty of Tokyo or Osaka; the rolling hillsides, picturesque mountains and cherry trees have been written about in haiku’s and poems for centuries by Japanese men and women of culture, and no wonder – rural Japan is simply beautiful, and is utterly surrounded by fascinating and exciting history.

Japan’s history has been defined by long periods of isolation with the rest of the world up until 1853 and it still holds onto the traditions and culture that developed separately from any other country.

There are so many sights for a tourist to see in Japan; if you’re in Tokyo, you should head to places like Tokyo Tower or the Imperial Palace or the Tokyo fish market, which has got to be the largest display of organized chaos anywhere in the world. Tokyo’s nightlife is vibrant and exciting, and one of the very best places to visit (before heading to one of the many mega clubs) is the Golden Gai district, where tiny ramshackle pubs scuffle for space in the winding maze of alleyways. It sounds frightening, but the atmosphere is relaxed and jolly, and it’s a wonderful place to drink in.

Rural Japan offers some very different – but no less fun – sights, including many, many shrines, hot springs, picturesque villages, and, of course, Mount Fuji; one of the most recognizable sights in all of Asia, and the highlight picture of an endless amount of calendars. Anyone visiting Japan should absolutely make a point of going to visit the temple of Oku-no-in, where almost every Japanese Buddhist has made sure to have at least some of their remains interred, in preparation of the coming of the Buddha that will teach complete enlightenment.


Study in Japan…

Japan is an incredibly diverse country with an education system that rivals the West in terms of quality and research output. Not only is Japan highly developed in technological and educational terms, it’s also a beautiful, vibrant country that anyone would enjoy living in.

More than 100,000 international students study in Japan every year. Japanese Universities offer excellent academic standards and high-tech resources and facilities for students. The Japanese education system is incredibly advanced, and the government is focused on encouraging high-quality higher education for everyone; foreign students and nationals alike.

Why Study in Japan?

Japan has boomed, and is yet still booming – it has an increasingly fast-paced economy (it’s currently the world’s third-largest) and its social system has advanced at an incredible rate as a result. Practically speaking, this means the educational systems are brand new and streamlined, the infrastructure of the cities is advanced, and the entire country is safe, wealthy and welcoming. It’s a great place to move to even if you’re not studying.

Japanese universities are arguably the most respected in Asia – a degree from any Japanese university is a sure sign of applied intelligence. Studying anywhere abroad looks excellent on a CV – it shows employers you’re a multi-dimensional person who’s had more life experience than your average student and is able to work well outside their comfort zone. You can study a degree in Japan at one of five different types of colleges: Colleges of Technology, Professional Training Colleges (‘senmom gakko’), Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities and Graduate Schools. There is a wide range of courses in Japan to choose from, from language and undergraduate degrees in Japan to post-graduate, MBA’s and research study.

There are over 700 universities in Japan, most of which are private. Education is highly regarded in Japan – it has a near-perfect literacy rate and English is a compulsory part of study in Japan. Japanese Universities have an excellent reputation around Asia and the world – 11 Japanese universitiesare ranked in the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 200 universities. Most universities in Japan offer many scholarships for international students – which can help with the higher cost of living and tuition fees.

Japanese culture is not to be missed out on either: in between studying hard for those well-respected exam grades, a prospective student would be able to enjoy all that Japan has to offer. The cities of Japan are busy, exciting metropolises, but are complemented beautifully by the rural side of the country, which is steeped in deep tradition and fascinating history. Japan has a huge amount to offer to any tourist, let alone somebody who’s hoping to live there. It’s truly a beautiful, multi-faceted, exciting place to be.


Cost of Studying and Living in Japan…

Japan, sadly, isn’t as cheap as it used to be – it costs roughly the same to live in Tokyo (and, being a student, you’ll probably be living in Tokyo. If you’re not, though, good news! It’ll be cheaper everywhere else) as it would to live in any European or affluent American city. However, there are some benefits to this – for one, part-time jobs would pay a lot more than they would in other parts of the world, and the higher prices act as an indicator of the relative economic success and stability that Japan enjoys. In any case, living costs do not tend to be more than in an American or Europe city.

The cost of studying in Japan isn’t overly cheap, either, with prices for a private university at about $5000 dollars a year. It’s not as cheap as it could be, but it’s still significantly cheaper than studying in American or European universities. Don’t forget; you get to study in Japan – the technological country of the world; the innovator, the inventor, the big one. Although Japanese universities charge more than other universities in this area of the world, this is still an extremely good deal.

There’s more to consider, too – the Japanese government has a scheme in place to hit a target of 300,000 foreign students a year by 2020, making it very keen to accept students from all over the globe. As such, there has been many reports of subsidized loans and even living costs for foreign students – check if you’re eligible before you apply, but the chances look good that money may well be saved this way.


A visa is needed for studying in Japan but most universities are more than happy to do the bulk of the paperwork after they accept you – to obtain a visa a little more directly, an application can be filled at your country’s embassy or consulate. If the university is doing the paperwork, not a lot has to be done, but proof of identity, proof of ability to speak/understand the language the course is taught in (either Japanese or English – see Language), proof of acceptance from the university and proof of finance (such as a letter from your bank or student loans company) is all needed to get a visa from the embassy.

Make sure you know what paperwork you’re filling and where – keep tabs on everything and check and double-check you’ve done everything right – if you’re unsure, the embassy workers and the university will help you; that is what they’re there for, after all.



The main language of Japan is, of course, Japanese; but English is taught in schools from an early age. It’s difficult to learn a language with few similarities to your first language though, and most Japanese people find speaking and understanding English extremely difficult – some proficiency in Japanese is recommended to anyone hoping to live here.

The Japanese do understand written English much better than spoken English, though, so if you’re hoping to live and study here, it’s recommended that you carry a pad of paper and a pen around with you at all times (you will be a student, after all). The degree courses in Japan are either taught exclusively in English or in Japanese, and proof of ability to speak and understand the language is necessary before starting the course.

Your passport (even if it’s an English/American one) may not count as proof of ability – so it’s a good idea to obtain a separate IELTS or TOEFL certificate, even if you just type it out in perfect English yourself.



A variety of scholarships are available for students who wish to study in Japan. These are divided into four main categories according to sponsors. Some scholarships must be applied to prior to arrival in Japan or entering the school in Japan while others are to be applied for after enrollment. Please note that the application periods and selection methods vary depending on each scholarship.

  1. Offered by- MEXT
  2. Offered by JASSO
  3. Offered by host universities
  4. Offered by private foundations and local government


  1. MEXT (The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Monbukagakusho). MEXT provides scholarship as below.
Who can apply



Monthly stipend


How to apply(Application process)



Research Students (Graduate School Students & Research Students)


Teacher Training Students


Undergraduate Students.

College of Technology Students.

Specialized Training College Students.


Young Leaders’ Program(YLP) Students












Doctoral course: 145,000JPY

Master’s course: 144,000JPY

Non-degree students: 143,000JPY



Additional stipend for designated area




117,000JPY(Additional stipend for designated area)


 For those applying from abroad and yet to enroll at a university.

<Embassy Recommendation> Application through Japanese embassies.


<University Recommendation>Based on the university exchange agreement, applicants should contact their current universities or schools at their home countries.

For those already in Japan and enrolled at a university.

<Domestic Selection> Application through Japanese universities in which the applicants already enrolled.


















For more details about MEXT scholarship, please visit-



  1. JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) scholarship:

JASSO is an independent administrative institution established under the MEXT (The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Monbukagakusho).

JASSO provides two types of scholarship to self-supporting international students. Students who obtain the MEXT scholarship cannot obtain the JASSO scholarship simultaneously.


Scholarship Loan Programs for Japanese Students

JASSO provides scholarship loans to highly motivated students who have difficulty in pursuing their studies for financial reasons.

JASSO seeks to offer better services by implementing a more efficient scholarship loan system which meets various student needs, revising application procedures, thoroughly spreading information about scholarship loans, and collecting loans in an appropriate manner.


Support Programs for International Students

JASSO provides scholarships to overseas students and to Japanese students studying abroad, implements international exchange programs, improves admission procedures by administering the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, etc. and collects and disseminates information on studying abroad.

JASSO makes efforts to provide better programs for the strategic acceptance of overseas students and the development of young Japanese who will play active roles in the world.


Student Support Programs

JASSO collects, analyzes, and provides information concerning many aspects of student support services to contribute to various activities for student support at universities. JASSO also helps universities provide better student services through workshops, seminars, etc.

JASSO strives to improve career support and support for students with disabilities based on government policies and needs of universities, junior colleges and colleges of technology.


Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan):

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers scholarship for qualified international students who are accepted by a Japanese university, graduate school, junior college, college of technology (3rd grade or upper) or professional training college (hereinafter referred to as “Japanese school”) under a student exchange agreement or other student exchange arrangement on a short-term basis from 8 days to one year between Japanese school and their home higher educational institution outside Japan (hereinafter referred to as “home school”).

Amount of Scholarship:  Monthly stipend: JPY 80,000

Qualifications and Conditions for Students:

  • The applicant must satisfy following conditions. Please contact your home shool or Japanese school for details:
  • Students enrolled in a regular course of study in a higher educational institution outside Japan (home school).
  • Students accepted by Japanese school under a student exchange agreement or other student exchange arrangement with their home school.
  • Students demonstrating excellent academic and personal records at their home school.
  • Students not having the financial means to study in Japan.
  • Students, upon termination of the period of study in Japan, will complete their studies at their home school.
  • Students eligible for ‘Student Visa’.(For study in Japan for 90 days or less, Japanese school will arrange the status of residence.)
  • If students receive other scholarships together with this scholarship for the study in Japan, the total amount of monthly stipend of other scholarships should not exceed the amount of this scholarship (JPY 80,000 per month).
  • Students cannot receive any other scholarship from the Japanese government together with this scholarship.

Application Process:

Applications for the scholarship will be accepted through Japanese school. Direct applications from home higher educational institutions outside Japan or students will not be accepted. Upon screening the application documents submitted by Japanese school, JASSO will decide the programs and the number of students and notice the results to Japanese school. The recruiting period and the selection method of exchange students are different from each school and each program. For further information and inquiry, applicants are advised to ask each Japanese school or home school.


  1. Offered by host universities:

Universities under the “Global30” Project offer a wide-range of scholarships to assist students in financing their education.

Additionally, each university provides tuition exemption and other financial aids. Maximum Japanese Universities have individual fund for international students and they provide sufficient amount of money for foreign students.

  1. Private Foundations and Local Governments:

Private foundations and local governments also offer many opportunities for international students. Please note that application processes for scholarships from them varies. Some are made directly by individual students, while others require applications to be made through the applicant’s university. Students already enrolled at a university in Japan and wish to apply for such scholarships are advised to frequently check bulletin boards, websites, etc. of their faculty or graduate school for announcements.


Other scholarships:

  1. JICA scholarship, JDS program, Aichi Scholarship program student-

For those scholarships, international applicants apply before coming to Japan. Please visit this web page for more information (http://www.tut.ac.jp/english/international/index.html). You can also contact Japanese embassy or JICA office in your country for scholarship information. Eligible nation for JICA scholarship, JDS program and Aichi Scholarship program is limited.

  1. Scholarship from private-fund:

Many private scholarship funds are available for Toyohashi Tech students. The details and eligibilities are different from each other, but most of them support monthly from 50,000 yen to 140,000 yen. . Please visit this web page for more information

(http://ignite.tut.ac.jp/cir/english/students/scholarship.html) (http://www.tut.ac.jp/english/international/index.html).

  1. Honors Scholarships for Privately-Financed International Students:

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers “Honors scholarships” by its selection for privately-financed international students at universities, graduate schools who display excellence in their academic work and character and who are recognized to be in need of economic assistance during their stay in Japan.

Monthly Stipend: 48,000 yen/month

  1. Student loan:

Students of our university are able to borrow up to 150,000 yen without any interest from Toyohashi Tech Association of International Student Support. This debt must be paid back within 6 month.

  1. Exemption and postponement of tuition and admission fee:

Regular students who enroll Toyohashi Tech in April may apply for tuition and admission fee exemption, and regular students who enroll Toyohashi Tech in October may apply for tuition exemption. But both students can apply for the postponement of payment.

Applications should be submitted separately for each of the first and second terms. University will review the application and the exemptions of all or half of the tuition fee for the first or second term might be awarded accordingly. Submission of an application does not guarantee that the exemption will be granted. Non-regular students are not eligible for tuition exemption.



JSPS International Fellowships for Research in Japan:

JSPS provides fellowship programs for overseas researchers who have an excellent record of research achievements to conduct collaborative research, discussions, and opinion exchanges with researchers in Japan. The programs are intended to help advance the overseas researchers’ research activities while promoting science and internationalization in Japan.

The “JSPS International fellowships for research in Japan” consists of two programs: “Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan” for young researchers and “Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan” for mid-career and senior researchers.

Summer Program

Young pre-/post-doctoral researchers from France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Canada and the U.S. are invited to Japan over a period of two months during the summer to pursue research under the guidance of host researchers in universities and research institutions in Japan.

Strategic Program

Young and excellent pre-/post-doctoral researchers with high future potential from selected countries are strategically invited to Japan for the period of three to twelve months in order to build collaborative research relationships with Japanese colleagues.

Short-term Program

Young and excellent pre- /post-doctoral researchers from the U.S., Canada, European Union Countries, Switzerland, Norway and Russia are invited to Japan to conduct cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other institutions in Japan for the period of one to twelve months.

Standard Program

Young and excellent postdoctoral researchers from other countries are provided with opportunities to conduct cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions for the period of twelve to twenty-four months.

Pathway to University Positions in Japan

Aimed at promoting the employment of overseas researchers in full-time position at Japanese universities and other research institutions, this program offers the universities or other research institutions a funded means of inviting postdoctoral researchers from other countries to do pre-employment research in their institutions.


Mid-career to professor level researchers with excellent records of research achievements are invited to Japan to collaborate with Japanese colleagues in carrying out research through long-term visits.


Mid-career to professor level researchers with excellent records of research achievements are invited to Japan for short-term visits and provided with opportunities for discussions/opinion exchanges with Japanese colleagues, lectures and other activities.

Short-term S

Nobel laureates and other eminent scientists overseas with records of outstanding achievements who play leading roles in their fields are invited to Japan. They are provided with the opportunities to deliver lectures, offer advice and cooperate in research or conduct other activities in universities and research institutions.

RONPAKU program:

The program provides tutorial and financial support for promising researchers in Asia and Africa who wish to obtain their Ph.D. degrees from Japanese universities through the submission of a dissertation without matriculating a doctoral course.



There are many world famous national, public and private Universities in Japan. Most of them are mentioned bellow.

Universities name                                                                                                    location/city

1 The University of Tokyo Tokyo …
2 Kyoto University Kyoto
3 Keio University Tokyo …
4 Osaka University Suita
5 University of Tsukuba Tsukuba …
6 Nagoya University Nagoya
7 Kyushu University Fukuoka
8 Hokkaido University Sapporo …
9 Tohoku University Sendai
10 Waseda University Tokyo
11 Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo
12 Hiroshima University Hiroshima …
13 Nihon University Tokyo
14 Kobe University Kobe
15 Meiji University Tokyo
16 Hosei University Tokyo
17 Doshisha University Kyoto
18 Shinshu University Matsumoto …
19 Tokai University Tokyo
20 Okayama University Okayama
21 Kanazawa University Kanazawa
22 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Fuchu
23 Tokyo University of Science Tokyo …
24 Kindai University Higashiosaka …
25 Gunma University Maebashi
26 Yamagata University Yamagata …
27 Chuo University Hachioji …
28 Kagoshima University Kagoshima
29 Niigata University Niigata
30 The University of Electro-Communications Chofu
31 Kumamoto University Kumamoto
32 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Nomi
33 Nagasaki University Nagasaki
34 Kansai University Suita
35 Toyo University Tokyo …
36 Hiroshima Institute of Technology Hiroshima
37 Fukuoka University Fukuoka
38 Mie University Tsu
39 Gifu University Gifu
40 Chiba University Chiba …
41 Nagoya Institute of Technology Nagoya …
42 University of the Ryukyus Nishihara …
43 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Fuchu …
44 University of Toyama Toyama
45 Ehime University Matsuyama …
46 Hitotsubashi University Kunitachi
47 Osaka Prefecture University Sakai
48 Hirosaki University Hirosaki
49 Ryukoku University Kyoto …
50 Sophia University Tokyo
51 Osaka City University Osaka
52 Shizuoka University Shizuoka …
53 Aoyama Gakuin University Tokyo
54 Kyoto Sangyo University Kyoto
55 Tokyo Women’s Medical University Tokyo
56 Saga University Saga
57 Yamaguchi University Yamaguchi …
58 Yokohama National University Yokohama
59 Kwansei Gakuin University Nishinomiya …
60 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Tokyo …
61 Kyushu Institute of Technology Kitakyushu …
62 Saitama University Saitama
63 Tokyo Gakugei University Koganei
64 Toyohashi University of Technology Toyohashi
65 Tokyo Metropolitan University Hachioji
66 The University of Tokushima Tokushima
67 Nagaoka University of Technology Nagaoka
68 Kanagawa University Yokohama
69 Toho University Tokyo
70 Soka University Hachioji
71 Tokyo University of the Arts Tokyo …
72 Kagawa University Takamatsu
73 Kanazawa Institute of Technology Nonoichi
74 Tokyo Keizai University Tokyo …
75 Tokyo Denki University Tokyo
76 Kitasato University Tokyo
77 Tokyo International University Kawagoe
78 Iwate University Morioka
79 Teikyo University Tokyo
80 Kogakuin University Tokyo
81 Kyoto Institute of Technology Kyoto
82 Nara Institute of Science and Technology Ikoma
83 Nanzan University Nagoya …
84 Shiga University Hikone
85 Wakayama University Wakayama
86 University of Yamanashi Kofu …
87 Gakushuin University Tokyo
88 Akita University Akita City
89 Tottori University Tottori
90 Shimane University Matsue
91 Kochi University of Technology Kami
92 Kochi University Kochi
93 Oita University Oita
94 Utsunomiya University Utsunomiya
95 University of Aizu Aizuwakamatsu
96 Ibaraki University Mito …
97 Fukushima University Fukushima
98 International Christian University Mitaka
99 Okayama University of Science Okayama
100 Shibaura Institute of Technology Tokyo
101 Ochanomizu University Tokyo
102 University of Miyazaki Miyazaki
103 Aichi University of Education Kariya
104 Nippon Medical School Tokyo
105 Seikei University Musashino
106 Kokugakuin University Tokyo
107 Yokohama City University Yokohama
108 Senshu University Tokyo
109 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Beppu
110 Musashino Art University Kodaira-shi
111 Osaka Kyoiku University Kashiwara
112 Tokyo Polytechnic University Tokyo
113 Chubu University Kasugai
114 Future University Hakodate Hakodate
115 Fujita Health University Toyoake
116 Tama Art University Tokyo
117 Juntendo University Tokyo
118 Showa University Tokyo
119 Tokyo University of Agriculture Tokyo …
120 Shiga University of Medical Science Otsu
121 Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Hamamatsu
122 Tokyo Medical University Tokyo
123 Meiji Gakuin University Tokyo …
124 Meijo University Nagoya
125 Chukyo University Nagoya …
126 Fukushima Medical University Fukushima
127 Jichi Medical University Tochigi
128 University of Fukui Fukui …
129 Hyogo University of Teacher Education Kato
130 Nagoya City University Nagoya
131 Fukuoka Institute of Technology Fukuoka
132 Hiroshima City University Hiroshima
133 Kurume University Kurume
134 Komazawa University Tokyo
135 Meisei University Hino …
136 Nara University of Education Nara
137 Kanto Gakuin University Yokohama
138 Kyushu Sangyo University Fukuoka
139 Kyorin University Mitaka
140 Sapporo Gakuin University Ebetsu
141 Kyoto Seika Daigaku Kyoto
142 Dokkyo Medical University Tochigi
143 Musashi University Tokyo
144 Konan University Kobe
145 Jikei University School of Medicine Tokyo
146 Kyoto Women’s University Kyoto
147 University of Shizuoka Shizuoka
148 Tokyo City University Tokyo
149 Tohoku Gakuin University Sendai
150 Bunkyo University Koshigaya …
151 Tokyo Dental College Chiba
152 Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo …
153 Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Kyoto
154 Matsuyama University Matsuyama
155 Japan Women’s University Tokyo …
156 Kyoto University of Art and Design Kyoto
157 Hokkai-Gakuen University Sapporo …
158 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Tokyo
159 Nara Women’s University Nara
160 Daito Bunka University Tokyo …
161 Miyagi University of Education Sendai
162 Asahikawa Medical University Asahikawa
163 Otaru University of Commerce Otaru
164 Sanno University Isehara
165 Tokyo University of Technology Hachioji
166 International University of Japan Minami Uonuma-shi
167 Tokyo University of Information Sciences Chiba
168 Siebold University of Nagasaki Nagayo
169 Iwate Prefectural University Iwate
170 Osaka Sangyo University Daito
171 Naruto University of Education Naruto
172 Sapporo Medical University Sapporo
173 Aichi University Nagoya …
174 Osaka Institute of Technology Osaka
175 St. Luke’s International University Tokyo
176 Obirin Daigaku Machida
177 Takushoku University Tokyo …
178 Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Obihiro
179 Kokushikan University Tokyo
180 Dokkyo University Soka
181 Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Ogaki
182 Saitama Medical School Moroyama
183 The University of Kitakyushu Kitakyushu
184 Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Tokyo
185 Bukkyo University Kyoto
186 Seinan Gakuin University Fukuoka
187 University of Hyogo Kobe
188 Asia University Musashino
189 Joetsu University of Education Joetsu
190 Showa Women’s University Tokyo …
191 Kobe Gakuin University Kobe
192 Tohoku University of Art and Design Yamagata
193 International University of Health and Welfare Otawara
194 Muroran Institute of Technology Muroran
195 St. Marianna University School of Medicine Kawasaki
196 Chiba Institute of Technology Narashino
197 Nihon Fukushi University Chita …
198 Mukogawa Women’s University Nishinomiya
199 Kansai Medical University Moriguchi
200 Chiba University of Commerce Ichikawa
201 Nara Medical University Kashihara
202 National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Tokyo
203 Aichi Prefectural University Nagakute
204 Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science Hachioji
205 Kanazawa Medical University Kahoku
206 Kyoto University of Education Kyoto
207 Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration Nisshin
208 Nippon Institute of Technology Miyashiro
209 Osaka Electro-Communication University Neyagawa
210 Graduate School of Management, Globis University Tokyo …
211 Kyoritsu Women’s University Tokyo
212 Okayama Prefectural University Soja
213 Hyogo College of Medicine Nishinomiya
214 Miyazaki Municipal University Miyazaki
215 Aichi Medical University Nagakute
216 University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan Kitakyushu
217 Setsunan University Neyagawa
218 Iwate Medical University Morioka
219 Kyoto Notre Dame University Kyoto
220 Shonan Institute of Technology Fujisawa
221 Josai University Sakado
222 Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Ishikari
223 Ritsumeikan University Kyoto
224 Hiroshima Shudo University Hiroshima
225 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Kyoto
226 Otemae University Nishinomiya …
227 Kumamoto Gakuen University Kumamoto
228 Musashino University Nishitokyo
229 Rissho University Tokyo
230 Fukuoka University of Education Munakata
231 Kyoto City University of Arts Kyoto
232 Sojo University Kumamoto
233 Jissen Women’s University Hino
234 Osaka Medical College Takatsuki
235 Reitaku University Kashiwa
236 The Nippon Dental University Tokyo …
237 Osaka University of Arts Kanan
238 Josai International University Togane
239 Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen College Wakkanai
240 Kansai Gaidai University Hirakata
241 Hokusei Gakuen University Sapporo
242 Aichi Shukutoku University Nagoya
243 Nippon Sport Science University Tokyo
244 Toin University of Yokohama Yokohama
245 Kitami Institute of Technology Kitami
246 Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Fukuroi
247 Rikkyo University Tokyo
248 The University of Shiga Prefecture Hikone
249 Otani University Kyoto
250 Tohoku Fukushi University Sendai
251 Osaka University of Economics Osaka
252 Cyber University Fukuoka
253 Wakayama Medical University Wakayama
254 Tamagawa University Machida
255 Yasuda Women’s University Hiroshima
256 Sugiyama Jogakuen University Nagoya
257 Digital Hollywood University Tokyo
258 Kyoto Tachibana University Kyoto
259 Taisho University Tokyo
260 Hokkaido Information University Ebetsu
261 Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts Kurashiki
262 Hokkaido University of Science Sapporo
263 Mejiro University Tokyo
264 Shukutoku University Chiba
265 Kagawa Nutrition University Sakado
266 Momoyama Gakuin University Izumi
267 Fukui Prefectural University Eiheiji
268 Kinjo Gakuin University Nagoya
269 Akita International University Akita
270 Kobe Design University Kobe
271 Miyagi University Sendai
272 Joshibi University of Art and Design Sagamihara …
273 Takasaki City University of Economics Takasaki
274 Toyama Prefectural University Imizu
275 Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts Kyotanabe
276 Nagano University Ueda
277 Ryutsu Keizai University Ryugasaki …
278 Asahi University Gifu
279 Fukuyama University Fukuyama
280 Tsuda College Kodaira
281 Tokushima Bunri University Tokushima
282 Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies Nagasaki
283 Hanazono University Kyoto
284 The Graduate University for Advanced Studies Miura
285 Seijo University Tokyo
286 Kyoto Koka Women’s University Kyoto
287 Tokyo Kasei University Tokyo
288 Meikai University Urayasu …
289 Azabu University Sagamihara
290 Daido Institute of Technology Nagoya
291 Hiroshima University of Economics Hiroshima
292 Kyoto Prefectural University Kyoto
293 Kanagawa Institute of Technology Atsugi
294 Niigata Seiryo University Niigata
295 Teikyo Heisei University Ichihara
296 Tokyo Zokei University Hachioji
297 Saitama Institute of Technology Fukaya
298 Chubu Gakuin University Seki
299 Aichi Gakuin University Nisshin
300 Wako University Machida
301 Otemon Gakuin University Ibaraki
302 Bunkyo Gakuin University Tokyo
303 Tsukuba University of Technology Tsukuba
304 Sapporo University Sapporo
305 Hiroshima International University Hiroshima
306 Osaka International University Moriguchi
307 Tohoku Institute of Technology Sendai
308 Kobe College Nishinomiya
309 Prefectural University of Kumamoto Kumamoto
310 Surugadai University Hanno
311 Akita Prefectural University Akita
312 Kunitachi College of Music Tachikawa-shi
313 Osaka Gakuin University Suita City
314 Osaka University of Economics and Law Yao
315 Tsurumi University Yokohama
316 Kanazawa College of Art Kanazawa
317 Konan Women’s University Kobe
318 Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Kawasaki
319 Seitoku University Matsudo
320 Niigata University of International and Information Studies Niigata
321 Seisen University Tokyo
322 Rakuno Gakuen University Ebetsu
323 Kyoto Gakuen University Kameoka
324 Hachinohe Institute of Technology Hachinohe
325 Sagami Women’s University Sagamihara
326 Niigata Institute of Technology Kashiwazaki
327 Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University Sendai
328 Tokiwa University Mito
329 Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Kobe
330 Nagaoka Institute of Design Nagaoka
331 Toyo Eiwa University Yokohama
332 Himeji Dokkyo University Himeji
333 Matsuyama Shinonome College Matsuyama
334 Edogawa University Nagareyama
335 Keisen University Tama
336 Niigata University of Health and Welfare Niigata
337 Teikyo University of Science and Technology Uenohara
338 Hannan University Matsubara
339 Chuo Gakuin University Abiko
340 Otsuma Women’s University Tokyo
341 Kanazawa Gakuin University Kanazawa
342 Tenri University Tenri
343 Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University Gifu
344 Shikoku University Tokushima
345 Tama University Tama-shi …
346 Showa University of Music Kawasaki
347 Yamanashi Gakuin University Kofu
348 Tezukayama University Nara
349 Gifu Pharmaceutical University Gifu
350 Meiji Pharmaceutical University Kiyose
351 Koyasan University Mount Koya
352 Iwaki Meisei University Iwaki
353 Nara University Nara
354 Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Ami
355 Prefectural University of Hiroshima Hiroshima …
356 The University of Okinawa Naha
357 Kaetsu University Tokyo
358 University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Kobe
359 Baika Women’s University Ibaraki
360 Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science Nagasaki
361 Tsuru University Tsuru
362 Showa Pharmaceutical University Machida
363 Kyoto Bunkyo University Uji
364 Kanagawa Dental University Yokusuka
365 Osaka Shoin Women’s University Higashiosaka
366 Nagoya Bunri University Inazawa
367 Nippon Bunri University Oita
368 The University of Shimane Hamada
369 University of the Sacred Heart Tokyo
370 Meiji University of Integrative Medicine Hiyoshi
371 Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Hamamatsu
372 Meio University Nago
373 Nakamura Gakuen University Fukuoka
374 Nishogakusha University Tokyo
375 Suzuka University of Medical Science Suzuka
376 Maebashi Institute of Technology Maebashi
377 Hakodate University Hakodate
378 Ibaraki Christian University Hitachi
379 Sonoda Women’s University Amagasaki
380 Hokuriku University Kanazawa
381 Ashikaga Institute of Technology Ashikaga
382 Jumonji University Niiza
383 Hoshi University Tokyo
384 Osaka Dental University Hirakata
385 Shimonoseki City University Shimonoseki
386 Kogakkan University Ise
387 Dohto University Kitahiroshima
388 Tottori University of Environmental Studies Tottori
389 Matsumoto Dental University Shiojiri
390 Toyo Gakuen University Tokyo …
391 Kobe Pharmaceutical University Kobe
392 Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Nagoya
393 Nagoya University of Arts Kitanagoya
394 Fukuoka Dental College Fukuoka
395 Kyushu Dental College Kitakyushu
396 Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi Sanyo-Onoda
397 Ferris University Yokohama
398 Fukuoka Women’s University Fukuoka
399 Bunka Gakuen University Tokyo
400 Toyama University of International Studies Toyama
401 Kansai University of International Studies Miki
402 Shobi University Kawagoe
403 Musashino Academia Musicae Tokyo
404 Shitennoji University Habikino
405 Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin University Tokyo
406 Kyoto Saga University of Arts Kyoto
407 Gunma Prefectural Women’s University Tamamura
408 Aomori Public College Aomori
409 Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College Maebashi
410 Gifu Keizai University Ogaki
411 Takarazuka University of Art and Design Takarazuka
412 Saitama Prefectural University Koshigaya
413 Yamaguchi Prefectural University Yamaguchi
414 Kobe Shoin Women’s University Kobe
415 Shizuoka Sangyo University Iwata
416 Nishinippon Institute of Technology Kanda
417 Yamanashi Prefectural University Kofu
418 Fuji Tokoha University Fuji
419 Tokoha Gakuen University Shizuoka
420 Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Naha
421 Hakuoh University Oyama
422 National Fisheries University Shimonoseki
423 Osaka University of Commerce Higashiosaka
424 Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences Takatsuki
425 Seian University of Art and Design Otsu
426 Sapporo City University Sapporo …
427 Fukuoka Prefectural University Tagawa
428 Aomori University of Health and Welfare Aomori
429 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Kyoto
430 Atomi University Niiza
431 Kyushu International University Kitakyushu
432 Wayo Women’s University Ichikawa
433 National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Kanoya
434 Kurume Institute of Technology Kurume
435 Japan Women’s College of Physical Education Tokyo
436 Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University Musashino
437 Okinawa International University Ginowan
438 Hiroshima Jogakuin University Hiroshima
439 Kyushu Kyoritsu University Kitakyushu
440 Hyogo University Kakogawa
441 Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University Hiroshima
442 Toyota Technological Institute Nagoya
443 Ohu University Koriyama
444 Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University School of Pharmacy Otaru
445 Aomori University Aomori
446 Nagoya Gakuin University Nagoya
447 Kamakura Women’s University Kamakura
448 Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences Niigata
449 Osaka College of Music Toyonaka
450 Kobe Shinwa Women’s University Kobe
451 Chitose Institute of Science and Technology Chitose
452 Institute of Technologists Gyoda
453 Shirayuri College Chofu
454 Yokkaichi University Yokkaichi
455 The International University of Kagoshima Kagoshima
456 Kwassui Women’s College Nagasaki
457 Chiba Institute of Science Choshi
458 Asahikawa University Asahikawa
459 Sanyo Gakuen University Okayama
460 Onomichi University Onomichi
461 Soai University Osaka
462 Kyushu Women’s University Fukuoka
463 Tokyo College of Music Tokyo
464 Tokyo University of Social Welfare Tokyo
465 Keiai University Chiba
466 Notre Dame Seishin University Okayama
467 Nagoya Women’s University Nagoya
468 Shumei University Yachiyo
469 Doho University Nagoya
470 Nagasaki International University Nagasaki
471 Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University Sendai
472 University of Human Arts and Sciences Saitama
473 Kanazawa Seiryo University Kanazawa
474 Fukuyama Heisei University Fukuyama
475 Sakushin Gakuin University Utsunomiya
476 Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University Fukuoka
477 Hokkaido Bunkyo University Eniwa
478 Ueno Gakuen University Tokyo
479 Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Nagakute
480 Bunri University of Hospitality Sayama
481 Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences Oita
482 Tezukayama Gakuin University Osakasayama
483 Osaka Ohtani University Tondabayashi
484 Toyohashi Sozo University Toyohashi
485 The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Tokyo
486 Japan College of Social Work Kiyose
487 International Budo University Katsuura
488 Tsukuba Gakuin University Tsukuba
489 Shiraume Gakuen University Kodaira
490 Shujitsu University Okayama
491 Shikoku Gakuin University Zentsuji
492 Nishikyushu University Kanzaki
493 Aichi Institute of Technology Toyota
494 Tohoku University of Community Service and Science Sakata
495 Hijiyama University Hiroshima
496 Heian Jogakuin University Osaka
497 Kobe International University Kobe
498 Kansai University of Welfare Sciences Kashiwara
499 Jobu University Isesaki
500 Kyushu University of Health and Welfare Nobeoka
501 Keiwa College Shibata
502 Bunsei University of Art Utsunomiya
503 Heisei International University Kazo
504 Takasaki University of Health and Welfare Takasaki
505 Hokusho University Ebetsu
506 Kanda University of International Studies Chiba
507 Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare Tamana
508 Kanagawa University of Human Services Yokosuka
509 Kobe Yamate University Kobe
510 Chiba Keizai University Chiba
511 Tokuyama University Tokuyama
512 Okayama Shoka University Okayama
513 Japan Lutheran College Mitaka
514 Koriyama Women’s University Koriyama
515 Aomori Chuo Gakuin University Aomori
516 Naragakuen University Sango
517 Shijonawate Gakuen University Daito
518 Elisabeth University of Music Hiroshima
519 Nagoya Keizai University Nagoya
520 Beppu University Beppu
521 Tokyo Christian University Inzai
522 Poole Gakuin University Sakai
523 Sendai University Shibata
524 Tokai Gakuen University Miyoshi
525 Kawamura Gakuen Women’s University Abiko
526 Takamatsu University Takamatsu
527 Gifu College of Nursing Hashima
528 Kushiro Public University of Economics Kushiro
529 Chukyo Gakuin University Nakatsugawa
530 Okinawa Christian University Nishihara
531 Kansai University of Social Welfare Ako
532 Tokyo University of Science, Suwa Chino
533 Tomakomai Komazawa University Tomakomai
534 Minami Kyushu University Miyazaki
535 Yokohama College of Commerce Yokohama
536 Kobe City College of Nursing Kobe
537 Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design Komaki
538 Daiichi University of Pharmacy Fukuoka
539 Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education Kunitachi
540 Seigakuin University Ageo
541 Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University Nagasaki
542 Miyazaki Sangyo-keiei University Miyazaki
543 Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology Tokyo
544 Shokei Gakuin University Natori
545 Daiichi Institute of Technology Kirishima
546 Fukui University of Technology Fukui
547 Seirei Christopher University Hamamatsu
548 Mie Prefectural College of Nursing Tsu
549 Niigata Sangyo University Kashiwazaki
550 Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Nisshin
551 Koshien University Takarazuka
552 Aichi University of Technology Gamagori
553 Nagoya Sangyo University Owariasahi
554 Ashiya University Ashiya
555 Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Kurashiki
556 Kibi International University Takahashi
557 Hirosaki Gakuin University Aomori
558 Institute of Information Security Yokohama
559 Saitama Gakuen University Kawaguchi
560 Komazawa Women’s University Inagi
561 Shigakukan University Aira
562 Hachinohe University Hachinohe
563 Fukuoka International University Dazaifu
564 Suzuka International University Suzuka
565 Kyushu Lutheran College Kumamoto
566 Tenshi College Sapporo
567 Niigata University of Management Kamo
568 Tokyo Fuji University Tokyo
569 Seijoh University Tokai
570 Kanto Gakuen University Ota
571 Jin-ai University Echizen
572 Tohoku Pharmaceutical University Sendai
573 Gakushuin Women’s College Tokyo
574 Hagoromo University of International Studies Sakai
575 Baiko Gakuin University Shimonoseki
576 Osaka Jogakuin College Osaka
577 Nagano College of Nursing Komagane
578 Kawasaki Medical School Kurashiki
579 Ohkagakuen University Toyota
580 Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences Yamagata
581 Ehime Prefectural University of Health Sciences Tobe
582 Fuji Women’s University Sapporo
583 Ishinomaki Senshu University Ishinomaki
584 Sapporo International University Sapporo
585 Chugoku Gakuen University Okayama
586 Toho Gakuen School of Music Chofu
587 Niigata College of Nursing Joetsu
588 Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences Dazaifu
589 Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences Maebashi
590 University of Human Environments Okazaki
591 Takaoka University of Law Takaoka
592 Japan University of Economics Fukuoka
593 University of Kochi Kochi
594 Kinki Health Welfare University Fukusaki
595 Osaka Seikei University Osaka
596 Gifu Women’s University Gifu
597 Morioka College Takizawa
598 Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University Kure
599 Miyazaki Prefectural Nursing University Miyazaki
600 Kinjo University Hakusan
601 Kobe Kaisei College Kobe
602 Chikushi Jogakuen University Dazaifu
603 Takachiho University Tokyo
604 Osaka University of Human Sciences Osaka
605 Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University Kahoku
606 Tokyo Seitoku University Yachiyo
607 Nihon Bunka University Hachioji
608 Taisei Gakuin University Sakai
609 Nagaoka University Nagaoka
610 Aichi Toho University Nagoya
611 Heisei College of Music Mifune
612 Takasaki University of Commerce Takasaki
613 Den-en Chofu University Kawasaki
614 Aikoku Gakuen University Yotsukaido
615 Saniku Gakuin College Isumi
616 Kumamoto Health Science University Kumamoto
617 Seisen Jogakuin College Nagano
618 Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics Kyoto
619 University of East Asia Shimonoseki
620 Aichi Bunkyo University Komaki
621 Sendai Shirayuri Women’s College Sendai
622 Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University Hiroshima
623 Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University Shizuoka
624 Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing Toyota
625 The Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing Hatsukaichi
626 Tokai Gakuin University Kakamigahara
627 Ishikawa Prefectural University Nonoichi
628 Nagasaki Wesleyan University Isahaya
629 Urawa University Saitama
630 Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing Naha
631 Nayoro City University Nayoro
632 Tokyo Future University Tokyo
633 Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido College of Nursing Kitami
634 Miyazaki International College Kiyotake
635 Tohoku Women’s College Hirosaki
636 Seinan Jo Gakuin University Kitakyushu
637 Shuchiin University Kyoto
638 Toho College of Music Kawagoe
639 Shigakkan University Obu
640 Higashiosaka College Higashiosaka
641 Shokei College Kumamoto
642 Nihon Pharmaceutical University Ina
643 Hamamatsu University Hamamatsu
644 Tokyo Health Care University Tokyo
645 Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology Nagahama
646 Nagoya College of Music Nagoya
647 Tsukuba International University Tsukuba
648 Hamamatsu Gakuin University Hamamatsu
649 Health Science University Fujikawaguchiko
650 Ube Frontier University Ube
651 Kio University Koryo
652 North Asia University Akita
653 Yokohama College of Pharmacy Yokohama
654 Gunma University of Social Welfare Maebashi
655 Hokkai School of Commerce Sapporo
656 Mimasaka University Tsuyama
657 Musashino Gakuin University Sayama
658 Yashima Gakuen University Yokohama
659 Higashi Nippon International University Iwaki
660 Okayama Gakuin University Kurashiki
661 Kurashiki Sakuyo University Kurashiki
662 Tokiwakai Gakuen University Osaka
663 Mimasaka University Tsuyama
664 Kyushu Nutrition Welfare University Kitakyushu
665 Tokyo Junshin Women’s College Hachioji
666 Kansai University of Health Sciences Kumatori
667 International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies Tokyo
668 Aichi Sangyo University Okazaki
669 Gumma Paz College Takasaki
670 Nihon Institute of Medical Science Moroyama
671 Fukushima College Fukushima
672 Kagawa Prefectural College of Health Sciences Takamatsu
673 International Pacific University Okayama
674 Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka College Sendai
675 Sugino Fashion College Tokyo
676 Kobe Tokiwa University Kobe
677 Kyoei University Kasukabe
678 Akita University of Nursing and Welfare Odate
679 Kagoshima Immaculate Heart University Satsumasendai
680 Utsunomiya Kyowa University Nasushiobara
681 Aichi Gakusen University Toyota
682 Biwako Seikei Sport College Otsu
683 Osaka Aoyama University Minoh
684 Osaka Kawasaki Rehabilitation University Kaizuka
685 Osaka University of Tourism Kumatori
686 Aino University Takatsuki
687 Seibi University Fukuchiyama
688 Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences Kumatori
689 Kaichi International University Kashiwa
690 Matsumoto University Matsumoto
691 St. Catherine University Matsuyama
692 Ryotokuji University Urayasu
693 Nara Prefectual University Nara
694 Minobusan University Minobu
695 Kansai University of Nursing and Health Sciences Awaji
696 Sapporo Otani University Sapporo
697 Senri Kinran University Suita
698 Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences Osaka
699 Yamanashi Eiwa College Kofu
700 Tohto College of Health Sciences Fukaya
701 The Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing Munakata
702 Kobe Institute of Computing Kobe
703 Shoin University Atsugi
704 Tokyo Union Theological Seminary Mitaka
705 Shizuoka University of Welfare Yaizu
706 Kobe Women’s University Kobe
707 Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Niigata
708 Yamaguchi University of Human Welfare and Culture Hagi
709 Tokyo Seiei College Tokyo
710 Tokyo Jogakkan College Machida
711 Omiya Law School Saitama
712 LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University Tokyo
713 Fukuoka Social Medical Welfare University Fukuoka
714 Kobe Shukugawa Gakuin University Kobe
715 Seiwa University Kisarazu
716 Mie Chukyo University Matsusaka
717 Korea University Kodaira
718 Aichi Mizuho College Nagoya …
719 Souzou Gakuen University Takasaki
720 Gifu University of Medical Science Seki
721 Bunka Fashion Graduate University Tokyo
722 Yokkaichi Nursing and Medical Care University Yokkaichi
723 Yamaguchi Gakugei College Yamaguchi
724 Kyoto College of Medical Science Nantan
725 Fuji University Hanamaki
726 University of KinDAI Himeji Himeji
727 Aichi Shinshiro Otani University Shinshiro