Funding & Scholarships


The term ‘Funding’ is mainly used in North American countries which is equivalent to scholarships in other countries. Funding is offered to qualified students in the form of fellowship, teaching assistantship (TA) or research assistantship (RA). This is like a job for which you will be paid. And in return you have some responsibilities. Normally the TAs help professors to finish their courses. RAs mainly do research work which eventually help them achieving their degree. The fellowship is kind of similar to RA but more beneficial. The funding also covers tuition or other fees, medical insurance etc. Normally funding is managed by contacting the professor as most of the cases funding is at the hand of professors. In some university the board or committee decides about admission and funding. Getting admission doesn’t ensure funding but some cases funding is also offered with admission (normally this happens to those who have very high profile). For others, funding is to be confirmed separately by emailing professors. Prior research experience has been proved to be most helpful element for getting fund. Please see our websites ‘funding’ section for more details.



Self/Partial-funded students are those whose admission is confirmed but funding is not confirmed fully. It could be ‘no funding’ means only admission is offered or ‘partial funding’ means admission and a part of funding is offered. The partial funding could cover the tuition or semester fee, medical insurance, an amount of scholarship or any of these. Some university allow self/partial funded students to work outside the campus (off-campus) and some allow to work within the campus (on-campus). Some do not allow students to work at all. For these type of universities, the students should carry money for education from family or else. Most of the cases, students could manage full funding from second semester/year of study, so what they care about is the first semester/year’s expense. The main challenge occurs while getting visa with self/partial funding. Experience shows, the approval rate of visa for self/partial funded students is very low. Only those who have very authentic sponsor with authentic source of income are more likely to get visa.


Educational loan

The study loan could be an effective alternative for students with self/partial finding and are not allowed to work while studying. There are different financial institutions including government banks who offer educational loan to students. These are mainly national institution or government who provides study loan to their students although there are many international institutions who also provide this loan to students from all over the world. Normally there’s no or very little interest rates for this type of loan and you don’t have to pay unless you finish your study. Some institutions require students to be enrolled in a university first and then apply for the loan.